Hardwood Flooring Restoration

Very often hardwood flooring restoration can be accomplished by simply buffing and re-coating. In other situations, sanding and finishing will do the work. Yet others, require a special approach and high level of craftsmanship. But if the work is done by professionals, it is possible to recover the beauty that your hardwood floors once possessed.

Basic Restoration

  • Some visible wear with light surface scratches
  • Separation between boards is minimal
  • Floors require minor touch up (if any)

In these situations,  a simple ‘buff and coat’ will restore the flooring.

More Advanced Restoration

  • Rougher floor with dirt inside the grain
  • Worn down to the bare wood
  • Deep impressions and grain scratches
  • Water damage
  • Wider separation between boards

In these situation, full or partial ‘sand and finish’ will restore the flooring.

Special Cases

  • Reclaiming flooring
  • Hand-scrapped flooring
  • Design Parquet Patterns (Versailes, Herringbone, etc.)

Here, restoration techniques vary from case to case & can include ‘hardwax oil maintenance’, ‘waxing’ & other methods.

Hardwood Flooring Restoration
Hardwood Flooring Restoration
Hardwood Flooring Restoration